LMG Web Design is a cutting edge Web Development Company in Reading, PA located in Berks County

LMG Web Design is a cutting edge Web Development Company in Reading, PA located in Berks County

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Do you really need a website for your business?

Some businesses think that they don’t need a website or they can’t afford one. Others think that because they are not selling online that a website would not be to their advantage. The fact is that less people look in their phonebook for business phone numbers or addresses then on their computer and cell phones. You can get a lot more information than just location from a business website. With search engines its quicker to simply type the business name and city into your favorite search engine rather than finding your phonebook looking up the category and then finding the listing.

As a small business owner, do you have the time to sit there answering phones, answering repetitive questions about yourself? Below, I’ve detailed the top five reasons that having a website can benefit your small business, no matter how small your company is.

1. To get more business! Use your website as a 24 hour marketing tool. It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require an employee to sit and answer phones.

2. To let potential clients know who you are. Use your website to tell people who you are, and what you do. People form their own conclusions about you, so why not give them some solid information to base this conclusion on.

3. To show off your company. Whether you sell a product or a service, no one is going to pay you money without first seeing what you are capable of. The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” never fit better.

4. To look professional. Having an attractive website helps to convey to customers that you are a professional business, and gives them more confidence in your capabilities.

5. To contact your business! Answering phones, although direct, takes time. Having a contact us form on your website allows interested people to inquire about your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get as descriptive as you want with a contact us form, ensuring that required fields are filled in before they can submit any requests.

When considering the benefits that a website can provide for your company, the question to ask is “Can I afford to have a Web site?” than “Can I afford not to have one?”

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is the standard cost of a website? and Why won't web design companies post their prices?

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I get asked this question all the time. What is the standard price of a website? And why aren't your fees listed on your website or any other developers sites? The simple answer to both questions is because every website is custom and different so there is no one standard price.

Think about it. If I were a seamstress that specialized in making dresses and 2 customers came in and asked me "what is a standard price for a dress?" and I reply with $500.00. I would probably get myself into trouble. For example...the first client comes in and wants a sundress for a 9 month old. It would take a day and I would make a good profit...but the client isn't going to pay that high cost. The 2nd client you quoted asks for a wedding gown. Now your in deeper trouble. Materials alone cost over $500 and you didn't even include your labor.

Due to the fact that web design is custom work its very important to have a consultation to discuss your needs to get the most accurate quote possible. Most companies like us offer free consultations and quotes. I suggest you shop around not based solely on price but portfolio and is the price worth the outcome!